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                             Un juego para ZX Spectrum 48k creado por:

                                       JOSE MANUEL GRIS UMPIERREZ

Mientras los colonos trabajan en las excavaciones subterráneas de Marte, son atacados por una raza marciana desconocida.
Tu misión es subir a la superficie del planeta y encontrar el vehículo de rescate para escapar de Marte.
Tendrás que pasar por cuatro niveles antes de llegar al vehículo de rescate.


         O- Izquierda
         P- Derecha
         Q- Salto
         M- Comenzar partida

Dispondrás de vidas infinitas y un indicador de energía con un límite de 30 impactos.

Utiliza las cabinas para recargar la energía perdida.

Truco para el nivel 1:
                      Encuentra 10 llaves para abrir la puerta.

Gracias por jugar y espero que te diviertas.

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                            A game for ZX Spectrum 48k created by:

                                 JOSE MANUEL GRIS UMPIERREZ

While the settlers work in the underground excavations of Mars, they are attacked by an unknown Martian race.
Your mission is to climb to the surface of the planet and find the rescue vehicle to escape from Mars.
You will have to go through four levels before reaching the rescue vehicle.


        O- Left
        P- Right
        Q- Jump
        M- Start game

You will have infinite lives and an energy indicator with a limit of 30 impacts.

Recharge lost energy in the recharge booths.

Trick for level 1:
                  Find 10 keys to open the door.

Thanks for playing and I hope you have fun.

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Updated 7 days ago
Published 14 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
AuthorJosé Manuel Gris Umpierrez
GenrePlatformer, Action
Tags2D, 8-Bit, Pixel Art, Retro, ZX Spectrum


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Thanks for creating the game José :)
I think the jumping is too difficult though and that it will keep people from enjoying an otherwise really nice game.

Thank you very much for playing it.

As for the jump, I have tried to do something different.

Some players have had no problems and others, after a little practice, have adapted to this jump system.
Greetings and thank you very much for your opinion

I gave up at 3rd level :)

Come on, you can do it. After trying 100 times in a row, it's not that difficult!!  XD

Thanks for playing, commenting and for the video.

Yeah, I know. I like this game. At start I was sure it it "10 minutes game" - got 10 keys and end. I was surprised when discovered it is not end.
More, please :)

The end of the game is in a game I made last year:


Greetings and thanks for playing it.

Me lo guardo en mi colección Homebrew

Muchas gracias. Espero que te guste y no resulte demasiado difícil

Tiene muy buena pinta!! Felicitaciones y aguante el Spectrum!!

Muchas gracias. Spectrum forever!!!